How to promote client communication

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We absolutely love our clients – and we hope they feel the same way about us! We want them to understand and appreciate the work that we are doing for them. To ensure that this is the case, we must foster open communication to promote understanding and transparency. There are multiple practices and tools that we use at Full Circle Public Relations to encourage consistent, free-flowing communication.

  • Weekly status meetings, internal and external – We are constantly making sure that we are all on the same page within our internal client teams. We host internal client status meetings on a weekly basis to go over all client activities, plans and deadlines. We then relay this information to our clients through frequent status calls and meetings.
  • Workflows on Google docs – Google docs is a godsend. Period. We share important documents with our clients that everyone is able to update and check – in real time. It’s free and easy, and a natural fit for client communication.
  • Frequent email updates on media coverage – When we receive coverage, we are generally just as (if not more) excited than our client. The joy of getting a placement never seems to fail, and we want to share this success with our clients. We send media coverage updates, oftentimes as they come through, to further inform our clients on project success.
  • Visually-driven calendars – We do not want to neglect our visual learners when it comes to communication. For many of our clients, we create visual calendars that map out a month’s worth of activities. The activities included in a calendar can range from social media activities to new product announcements to interviews with media contacts.

We are always looking for new ways that we can encourage open communication internally, as well as with our clients. What ways do you ensure your clients remain updated and informed?

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