How to maximize brain power in-house

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At FCPR, we are all about collaboration and teamwork. While we all work with different clients, and even seperate industries – from sport fishing ┬áto architecture and design – on a daily basis, there is an undeniable synergy in (and out) of the office.

What I mean is this – we strongly value and encourage each other”s thoughts, opinions and ideas. Here are some ways that we foster community and collaborate for client success.

  • Host cross-client brainstorm sessions: We take advantage of the creativity, experience and brain power of our colleagues with office brainstorm meetings. We all understand that each person”s time is valuable – and thus we know not to request these meetings too often – but if we have a big event, promotion or story, the more the merrier. Maximize idea generation with as many people as possible – even across client teams.

One of our most epic idea generation sessions. Our white board wall is perfect for brainstorming.

  • Always be on the lookout: We are pretty much all news junkies so we are always keeping our eyes out for news and opportunities for the entire company – not just our own specific client teams.
  • Maximize industry opportunities: One pokies online of the benefits of having multiple clients within the same industry is that we can maximize industry information. We have leverage in sport fishing, retail, A&D and manufacturing industries. If one opportunity doesn”t relate to your client at a particular time, send it to a colleague for their client. We even had a situation recently where two different clients were featured in the same publication, for the same opportunity! Talk about killing two birds with one stone…
  • Cover for one another: We understand that there is life outside of ┬ápublic relations – family emergencies happen and sometimes you just need a vacation. Don”t be afraid of a little extra work to help out your colleague. Who knows, maybe they will return the favor.

How does your company foster a sense of teamwork and collaboration?

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