Greenville's newest addition: A PR hit or miss?

By Posted in - Blog & Community & Public Relations on October 23rd, 2012 2 Comments

In case you haven”t heard the big news, our local Greenville Zoo welcomed a new baby giraffe into the world on Monday night. The new addition is the talk of the town, especially since the birth was .

Riding in on the coattails of the big announcement, a parody Twitter account (@GVLBabyGiraffe) was launched by an enthusiastic fan posing as the baby giraffe. The @GVLBabyGiraffe handle responds to mentions from fellow Greenvillians and quips with government officials and local media on Twitter.

While the identity of the individual behind the account is unknown, the Greenville Zoo has not associated itself with @GVLBabyGiraffe. With all of the positive publicity surrounding the announcement and the Twitter activity, is not playing along a PR miss? Or is it wise for the Greenville Zoo protect itself from the unknown Tweep? Let”s hear how you would handle the situation if you were part of the zoo”s PR team.


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