Developing a tone of voice for companies on social media

By Posted in - Public Relations & Social Media on October 8th, 2012 0 Comments

During a recent presentation about the use of social media in the architecture and design industry, a participant asked a very good question.

If you have multiple people posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and a blog for your company, how do you ensure that it sounds consistent? 

This question brought up a great point. If your brand is having conversations on social media (and even if they aren’t), you must define a tone of voice to be consistent. To do this, you essentially have to personify your brand. Ask yourself these questions.

If my brand was a person….

  • Who would they be?
  • What would they say, and how would they say it?
  • What would they wear?
  • What would they do?

Once you decide the tone of voice your brand will have, share it with every member of your team who is posting online on behalf of your firm. Give examples of how they can contribute content on social media in your brand’s voice – and tell them what is not acceptable. ¬†Also, be sure to keep up to date with what team members are sharing to ensure they are staying consistent with your brand’s tone of voice.


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