4 steps to provide valuable customer service on social media

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Every brand has different goals and intentions when joining a social media site. For some, it is to position their company as an expert in a specific industry while others is to engage and facilitate meaningful conversations with customers. Regardless of your list of priorities, almost all brands will, at some time in their social media life, deal with customer complaints, questions or requests.

So, how do you handle these inevitable posts from users? Here a few pointers when responding to customers on social media:

  • Respond immediately – Whether you have the answer or not, post something to let the customer know that you saw their post and are working to solve their problem.
  • Identify the correct resource – Actually follow through and identify the correct person to answer a fan’s request. Although this may take time and effort, it is well worth it in the end. Solving customer issues is just another way to further engage and be a valuable resource to fans.
  • Post the response publicly – After identifying the resource and solution, follow up with the answer publicly. This gives other fans the opportunity to see that your brand is genuinely concerned about their customers and will help facilitate goodwill and loyalty among other followers.
  • Follow up with the customer – You can even take this a step further and continue to engage fans by following up with additional questions. Continuing the conversation will show that your brand cares and may even facilitate new, purposeful discussion.

How do you handle fans’ questions and complaints? Do you have generic responses or do you dig for answers that are intentional and helpful?

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