3 reasons why your brand should host giveaways

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THE. Bag. In the FCPR office!!

Do contests really work to create brand enthusiasts?

Yes, if done correctly.

I recently entered a Johnston Murphy Fall Style Pinterest promotion. I noticed the promotion when flipping through the Johnston Murphy catalog that my husband receives.  While he swears by the retailer’s dress shoes, boots and belts, I have never purchased anything from them.  Honestly, I always thought they were just too expensive.

Fast forward to the time I learned that I was selected as a winner in the Fall Style Giveaway.  In just a matter of a few days, I’m now the owner of a fabulous Keira Woven-Strap Hobo bag and I’ve taken it everywhere with me from the day I got it. So how does that help the Johnston Murphy brand?  A few things I’ve noticed is that the contest:

  • Increases word of mouth – My husband and I have told everyone I know about the contest and the bag – and I’ve Tweeted (and now blogged) about it to my online audiences.  A girlfriend of mine thought it was a Jimmy Choo bag before she inspected it up close.  As a purchaser of designer bags, she told me she didn’t know Johnston Murphy made bags like that and was going to check out the website when she got home.  A new customer? Maybe.
  • Puts an excellent product in someone’s hands – I never saw the need for expensive bags.  Sure, I know they probably last longer, but really, why bother?  I love the way this bag feels and smells – a dental assistant even commented on the smell of leather when she put my bag up for me while I was getting a cleaning.  And I’m sure the stitching won’t likely wear out much like my computer bag has (which I just bought last Christmas).
  • Leaves me wanting more – Beyond the purse, I’m now excited to stop by Johnston Murphy stores when my husband wants a new pair of shoes – or a new belt.  There’s no doubt that I’m going to start looking at the catalog that comes to my house a little more.  I’m kind of hooked.

How else does a brand benefit from contests? Do you have anything else to add? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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