10 creative ways to use Instagram for your brand

By Posted in - Social Media on October 2nd, 2012 0 Comments

As social media managers, we have taken time to learn about the plethora of social media platforms available to brands. And one common denominator continues to stand out: photos are the top way to engage fans and followers.

Enter Instagram. Recently acquired by Facebook, the photo-sharing app now has 80 million users and counting. While many designers use Instagram for inspiration, it is still largely unused by brands.

Today I read an article from Social Media Examiner that offered 10 ways Instagram can be used by businesses. Here are the key takeaways:

  1. Show your products, including sneak peeks before launch, how they’re made and what they do
  2. Go behind the scenes at an event or launch – or wherever your brand goes
  3. Give a sneak peek at a new product or service
  4. Show your office, employees and culture

Do you work with a brand that uses Instagram? If so, how do you engage your followers with photos?

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