What would you tell a 6th grader about the PR industry?

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I was eight years old when Coca-Cola introduced their “New Coke” formula.  For those of you who are too young to remember, it was deemed as a complete #fail.  I can remember wanting desperately to be on the brand’s advertising team – and being responsible for the job of making everyone fall in love with the soft drink again.

This probably is an anomaly.  I’m not sure young children all have their sights set on being in PR or advertising.

So what would you tell a sixth grade student about being a public relations professional?

I need your help.  I’ve been invited to speak at a middle school in December and would love to hear from you how you would explain this wonderful,  fulfilling and sometimes stressful (and crazy!) career that I entered.

Here are some initial thoughts:

  • We are storytellers
  • We are story-finders
  • We share information with others
  • We shine a spotlight on our clients – and the good things they do
  • We make a difference by connecting with people
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