Visual storytelling: Video tools for the PR pro

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Public relations professionals are constantly challenged to get the word out ASAP about big events and announcements, and video is one of the best ways to capture and share news in a visual way.

And as Bobby Rettew shared in today’s SCPRSA Upstate meeting, you no longer need bulky equipment or even a formal education on the subject to capture, edit and share quality video footage. Even some of our local media contacts are now creating and publishing videos directly from their iPhones.

Below are a few keys to keep in mind when capturing photos and video:

  • In our culture, people are trained to look at something from left to right, and top to bottom.
  • The eye likes to see things in thirds, and we don’t like objects to be centered. For example, if you have someone on camera being interviewed, position them to the upper left or upper right of the frame and turned in slightly.
  • Never photograph or video someone against a wall or lighted glass. Create depth by positioning them in an open space with the best available light, with about 10 feet of distance between yourself and the subject.
Bobby also recommended a variety of cameras and tools:
  • GoPro: HD-quality video camera that is waterproof and can be mounted virtually anywhere
  • olloclip: Wide-angle lens for iPhone
  • Editing software: iMovie (Mac, iPhone, iPad), Windows Media, Adobe Premier
  • Gadgets to connect your iPhone/iPad to a projector, ports that host any camera media card and a wi-fi hotspot

Keep in mind that when acting as our own photographers/videographers, we must still think as a practitioner, not as a technician. Establish the purpose of capturing and sharing the footage before getting caught up in the technology.

How are you using photos and video in your PR efforts? What tools and tips do you have to share about creating this content on your own?

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