The PR response to the explosion of visual marketing

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Visual content is taking the world by storm. In July, Instagram announced that it had reached 80 million users and is growing at a rate that could even surpass Facebook! The success of Pinterest is another prime example of the power, and popularity, of visual content.

The fact of the matter is this – people like quick, easily digestible bits of information, and what better way to give them that but through an image or graphic?

On Facebook, visuals drive engagement levels. According to Simply Measured, videos are shared 12x more than links and text posts combined, and photos are liked 2x more than text updates. Even more, photo and video posts on Pinterest are referring more traffic than Twitter, Stumbleupon, LinkedIn and Google+.

So what does this mean for the PR world? Here a few tips on how to respond to this explosion of visual marketing for today’s brands.

  • Saturate your Facebook timeline with visuals – We understand that your Facebook posts have an agenda (or at least we hope you have some sort of strategy in place). Pair key messages, company news, product posts – whatever – with enticing visuals. Be it image, graphic or video, visuals increase Facebook engagement levels. Period.
  • Cater to the changing needs of reporters and journalists by providing easy-to-manage visual content – Media personnel are feeling the demand (and stress) for visual content, as well. Be a resource and adapt to their needs by offering images and videos to accompany your pitch or news release. And make sure to put it in a nice, easy-to-use, digital package. Remember, easily digestible information – isn’t that what got this discussion started in the first place?
  • Improve blogger relations by creating graphics that communicate key messages – Even more than reporters, visuals are gold in the eyes of bloggers. Bloggers generally don’t want dense blocks of text (ie. a press release). Be creative, create an infographic or image that expresses your message in a visual way that will make it easy for the blogger to upload.
  • Consider adding a Pinterest account. And if you have one, upload enticing images that reflect the industry as well as your key messages. Don’t let a closed mind be the reason your brand misses out on the value of visual tools.

How is your brand adapting to the rising demand for visual content?

While your pondering this, I suggest you check out this awesome infographic from Jeff Bullas. To view the full graphic, click here. Enjoy!



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