Staying relevant – and proactive – for your A&D client

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As PR professionals, one of our key roles – whether outlined clearly in the job description or not – is ┬áto stay on top of trends and changes. In a new age of digital media, evolving with the times is even more crucial then ever.

With changing trends and new resources, almost every industry is evolving rapidly – especially one of our main industries at FCPR, the architecture and design industry.

So, how do you ensure that you (and your brand) don’t get left behind? Here are a few quick tips to remain relevant and be proactive in the A&D industry.

  • Become an industry news junkie – PR professionals must,must,must stay up to date on industry publications. Set time aside daily to see what people are talking about and what content publications are covering. This is essential to identify trends and future opportunities for your client.
  • Be open to new mediums – In a digital age, videos are trending, blogs are full of great content. Keep up with the times and identify ways to incorporate these powerful tools into your PR strategy.
  • Identify future opportunities (without your client asking you first) – So, your client didn’t ask you to create a Pinterest promotion? So what. Take on a proactive spirit and identify initiatives and opportunities before your client even mentions them as a possibility.
  • Evolve your measurement tactics – In PR, one of our biggest tasks is to determine analytics that measure relevant results. I would encourage you to not get stuck in your “old way” of doing things. Constantly evaluate – and reevaluate – how you are measuring results.

How are you evolving your PR strategy to remain proactive and relevant?

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