Social media: Effectively interpreting analytics

By Posted in - Measurement & Social Media on September 25th, 2012 0 Comments

In the public relations industry, it’s important to never get complacent with your work. This especially applies to reporting metrics and analytics for social media initiatives. With new online tools that are frequently introduced and the evolvement of current social media sites, it’s important that metrics and reporting for clients evolve, as well.

This is definitely seen with Facebook Analytics for brand pages. Over the years, Facebook has been kind enough to provide tools that measure a brand’s success on the site. They provide ¬†metrics such as Talking About You, Engaged Users, Virality¬†and¬†Reach, to name a few. However, when you’re relaying and interpreting these results for your clients, which metric really matters the most?

I hope you know that the most important metric will differ for each brand, and it depends on the brand’s purpose for being on Facebook, or any other tool for that matter. For example, some of our clients are using Facebook to increase brand loyalty and engagement. We believe that Talking About You presents the most well-rounded picture of engagement. It’s also available to see on competitor’s brand pages, so you can complete a competitive analysis with this metric. Therefore, for these clients we’ll base our reporting around this metric.

Additionally, you must be willing to re-evaluate the way that you present analytics to your clients. Think of the most concise, effective and informative way to present results on a monthly basis, all the while considering how they like to receive information.

Social media analytics are constantly evolving and changing, so your interpretation must do the same. How do you stay up-to-date with social media analytics to make them relevant for your brands?

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