Social media and website traffic: Connecting the digital dots

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In her most recent post, Mollie discussed best practices for tracking social media analytics for your brand. While it is always beneficial to monitor the most engaging posts and plan future interactions around this data, social networking is also a great tool to encourage users to visit your brand’s website.

You may be surprised that traffic to your site is often the result of your fans and followers coming to find more information, contact your company or make a purchase. Knowing the top content that moves people from social media to your homepage will help you plan your posts to support this goal.

We have the advantage of working with clients who allow us to have insight into their website analytics. There are many different metrics involved, but well worth the extra work to know how your digital assets work together.

Here are the top social media-to-website drivers we regularly monitor:

  • Pinterest – Track the top pins that your brand has posted, that drove followers to your .com site. If your website has “Pin it” icons beside product images, also check how many users have posted your content to Pinterest.
  • Facebook – Much like Pinterest, you can monitor the top links posted on Facebook that directed people to your website.
  • Blogs – If you share links to your brand’s blog on social media, use trackable URLs so you can see how many people clicked through to the post.
Remember to promote activity across platforms and your website to make sure users easily travel to the content you want them to find. However, not all of your brand’s social media channels may be appropriate to drive traffic to your website, and you should post self-promotional product and company news sparingly.
Let’s continue the conversation. How do you use social media to drive traffic to your website – and vice versa?



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