Media relations: Create a better plan for your outreach

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When a PR plan comes to mind, most of us in the industry think of detailed quarterly or annual initiatives that help the brands we work with reach their business goals. And while this type of forecasting is a very important part of our jobs, smaller scale PR plans are also beneficial, especially in media relations.

Imagine your company or client has a big announcement to make in the next few months. A PR plan can help you stay organized and maximize your outreach efforts. Here are five points to keep in mind:

  • Start early. Don’t wait until a week before launch to create a media relations plan. Depending on the size of the announcement, you may need several months to develop materials and pitch feature stories.
  • Define your objective. What’s the point of the announcement? What are your goals for this piece of news? It’s beneficial to highlight your objective at the top of the PR plan so you keep the ultimate end result in mind.
  • Name your audiences. Who should be aware of the announcement? Make note of the internal staff, social media channels and media outlets that you’ll need to communicate with.
  • Plan collateral materials. Think about the pieces of communication that will need to be developed – brochures, white papers, news releases, images and website copy are all examples of tools that you may need to create to effectively spread the word internally and externally.
  • Map your distribution. Once you have a grasp of your objective, outlets and communication tools, make a timeline for your outreach. This is especially important when planning media pitching. Publications can have varying lead times, and you want to set deadlines for the outreach process.

The PR plan comes in many forms, shapes in sizes. Let’s hear how you use PR plans to organize your media relations efforts.

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