Did you get the memo?

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We like to joke that we are over communicators here at Full Circle PR.  No one likes to be in the dark, especially when it comes to your work.

Mollie’s recent post addresses how brands can keep employees updated on social media initiatives.  And there’s also a lot of value that comes with keeping internal audiences abreast of other initiatives that affect them.

We’re growing and also have an employee (see the aforementioned Mollie) who is now working remotely from Charleston, S.C. (our coastal FCPR office!) so it’s more important than ever to communicate.  Internal communications doesn’t just have to be a memo that’s circulated.  Here are a few ways we connect with our team:

  • Weekly FCPR meetings.  We start the week off right by all joining (either in person or via telephone) a meeting to talk about projects, client opportunities and anything else that’s going on in our worlds.
  • Client status meetings. We also break out separately throughout the week and discuss ongoing and upcoming client projects.
  • Quarterly reviews. While we have an open door policy, we schedule reviews every 90 days to give team members the opportunity to talk about their career at FCPR.
  • Quarterly outings. It’s important for us to do things together outside our office walls, which is why we schedule quarterly outings.  Through these team bonding activities, we’ve taken salsa dance lessons, painted landscapes and have even gone fly fishing together.

It’s our sincere hope that everyone is updated on agency and client activities, while also getting to know each other a little better.

How do you connect with your team beyond the office memo?

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