4 tips to keep employees updated on social media initiatives

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Social media is continually changing businesses around the world. With new ways to enhance your business and strengthen customer relationships, integrating a well-rounded and strategic social media program is a must to stay at the top of your industry.

However, not everyone in a firm always adapts to social media tools as fast as others do. While early adopters are always on top of social media trends, others may take a little more time – and education – to jump on the band wagon.

To make sure everyone in your firm is up-to-date with the latest social media trends that your company is taking part in, consider the 4 tips below.

  • Inform employees. When your brand joins a new social media outlet, take the time to let employees know through internal communications. Describe the new tool to them, and tell them how your firm plans to use it to enhance customer relations and other business activities.
  • Educate employees. Host internal training sessions and webinars to visually communicate new social media tools. This way you can walk them through each specific social media tool in an interactive manner as well as answer any questions.
  • Ask employees. Ask employees if they have any relevant content that aligns with your content strategy that they would like to share on your company’s social media sites. Depending upon each employees role, they may be on the front lines with customers and know what their specific customers are interested in. Ask them to share their knowledge – and, in turn, they will feel like a part of your company’s social media initiatives.  
  • Update employees. Use internal communications, like a monthly newsletter or memo, to update employees on what is being shared on social media. When they see the engagement that customers are having with your brand on social media, they will see more relevance in online tools. Additionally, they might feel more compelled to contribute content for the brand to share on social media, too.

How do you keep employees on the same page when it comes to your brand’s social media tools?

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