How to measure your brand’s Pinterest activity

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Pinterest is one of the newest social media channels and has rapidly found a place in the hearts of many community managers (including us). And while it is one of our favorite online places to participate, the network is not excused from the scrutiny of marketing words such as “ROI” and “analytics.”

Pinterest monitors a basic selection of analytics for users. However, if you’re interested in more in-depth statistics for your brand’s activity, I recently came across are a variety of new tools available for your disposal.

  • Pintics is great for managing multiple Pinterest accounts and lets users highlight the best-performing pins by traffic generated, sales generated or how many times they are reposted.
  • Pinerly offers standard metrics for tracking number of hits and referrals, and even enables users to follow specific pins as campaigns. However, content must first be uploaded through the site’s pinalytics tool and then posted to Pinterest.
  • PinReach (originally known as PinClout) aims to calculate a user’s influence on a scale from zero to 100 by using several Pinterest analytics, such as number of pins, followers and boards. However, PinReach can be criticized along with Klout and other tools which use algorithms to calculate influence.
  • Repinly allows users to access some of the most popular content on Pinterest through a collection of data, such as most popular pins and most popular boards. For brands, Repinly is a great service for learning how to access a target audience, as well as tracking current industry trends.

Because these tools are still early in development and adoption, I’d love to hear others’ feedback on how they measure Pinterest activity from a brand perspective. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section.

Source: Media Measurement – Five tools for measuring Pinterest analytics

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