How to create a social media strategy

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When Liza and I started Full Circle PR, we definitely knew that we wanted our agency to have an online presence. While that’s not atypical, it appears that having a social media strategy in place IS.

According to The State of Digital Marketing for Small Agencies, a report that evaluates participants’ business activities, 50% stated they didn’t have a social media plan in place!

I do have to say that it took us a while – but with the thanks of our awesome team, we’ve been able to create a plan, assign action items and evaluate the success through analytics.  A few things that helped us get on track.

  • Make it a priority – After limping along for several months with sporadic blog posts and Twitter updates, Liza took the lead to make FCPR’s online presence a priority.  She worked with Mollie to describe our vision and goals and assigned her the task of getting a plan in place.
  • Create a calendar – Mollie did a great job of getting the team on track.  She creates monthly calendars, which she distributes to all employees, that have assignments based on topics that are important to our business (and ones that we’re experts in!).
  • Don’t go it alone – If one of us was responsible for our LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and blog posts, we wouldn’t be as successful as we are with an entire group effort.  It takes all of us – Beverly, Caitlin, Carolyn, Liza, Mollie and myself – to share important events, activities and updates to our online audiences.
  • Evaluate – Each month you’ll want to see what is working, what’s not so you can evaluate the program moving forward.

We’ve seen the results.  And, according to this Social Media Examiner blog post, others have too.  In fact, it cites that 78% of marketers saw an increased traffic with just six hours a week invested in social media.

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