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As PR professionals, one of our biggest roles is to provide content related to our clients’ brands. This can come in the form of blog posts, newsletters, website copy, releases, product descriptions – you name it.

We love writing to different audiences and using our client’s “voice” to get across the brand’s key messages. At FCPR, we even go as far as calling ourselves names such as “word smiths”, “media mavens” and “content masters”.

Coming up with content takes creativity, versatility, and frankly, hard work. We are constantly challenged with the task of staying up-to-date (and ahead) of industry trends to position our clients’ brands as fresh and innovative resources in their respective industries.

Because we put a lot of effort into researching and producing relevant content for our clients, the method of execution is absolutely crucial for our great idea to truly come full circle (hence our name). And to make it come full circle, you have to know your audience inside and out. Here are a few tips to identify with your audience when generating written content.

Speak your audience’s language – Use words that your audience would use when talking about your product. Use industry lingo that positions your brand as an expert, while identifying with the consumer.

Engage consumers on a personal level – When we get so caught up in the digital world, sometimes it’s easy to depersonalize the “usernames” on the other side of the computer screen. Reality check: you are actually interacting with real people – so treat them that way.

Consider your audience’s purpose – Why is your audience reading your content? Determine their needs and then cater to them. Always communicate clearly and determine the reading level of your audience. Are they going to your page for quick tips or extensive research findings? Obviously, these would appear in very different forms! If you don’t know their purpose, it’s okay to ask. 

What are you doing to generate content that resonates with your audience?


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