3 tips for effective media relations

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Media relations is a fun challenge for any PR professional. Since coverage is never guaranteed, it’s always exciting to see your clients’ names in publications.

Below are some quick tips for effective media relations with both online and offline media outlets. Some of them seem obvious (I hope), but it’s always nice to have a brief refresher.

  1. Know the target audience of the editor/publication you are pitching.¬†Editors won’t take you seriously – or ever run your story – if they think you don’t understand their readers. Mention past stories they have written that relate to your pitch and show them that their readers will be interested in your story. Also, who doesn’t like to be told that you’ve read a story they have written?
  2. Be timely and responsive to editors’ requests.¬†Editors will tell you “thank you” when you are quick to respond to media requests. Even if it is a confirmation that you’ve received their email or phone call, and that you’re working on the story, they will appreciate the update. This will help develop a great relationship with them where they will turn to you whenever an opportunity arrises. We see this happen all the time at FCPR.
  3. Be creative when pitching to new media.¬†With the vast variety of media available, from both offline to online, take a media outlet’s specific platform into consideration when submitting a story idea. For example, when pitching to a blog, a video or infographic might be more suitable than a traditional press release.

Are you a PR pro? If so, do you have any effective media relations strategies to add?

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