Using multiple layers to beef up your media relations

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It doesn’t take a genius to realize that the more places you post your brand’s message, the greater your exposure and opportunity for consumer engagement. It’s not rocket science, and the same philosophy is useful when engaging the media. The more platforms you use to engage reporters, journalists and bloggers, the greater the likelihood of grabbing someone’s attention and getting media coverage for your client.

Integrating social media into your media relations plan is a natural transition. Social media offers a likely avenue for engaging media personnel. More and more media contacts are turning to Facebook and Twitter to find story ideas and sources.  Our client, Loggerhead Apparel, is a prime example, with a recent tweet that turned into national news.

Pitching journalists on social media is expected. I get tired of people acting like social media is still a new, online casino “up and coming” phenomenon. It’s come. It’s here. And it’s exploding so much that it is even shrinking the traditional news cycle. So you might as well embrace it – and reap its benefits.

Social media is replacing traditional media.  More and more people are turning to social media to get the most recent news. The instantaneous nature of the digital world allows people to get information faster than traditional news.  Companies are becoming content aggregators by providing news that people can share among their friend groups.

Nothing can substitute real, human relationships. So, while social media is a useful tool for engaging the media, nothing can substitute real, face-to-face relationships. It’s that simple. Tweeting and posting are useful additions, but nothing can replace face time and human interactions.

A layered point of entry system is the best approach. Engaging the media using a multi-layered strategy is going to be the most effective and receive the most coverage. Don’t rely on just one platform, but create a plan with multiple points of entry for the best media response and exposure.


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