Tragedy in the age of social media

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Last night’s tragedy at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado has left most of us stunned. How could such a senseless killing occur? There are many questions left to be answered, but one thing is for sure: social media has played a huge role in the the event.

The examples from Twitter show that people in and around the movie theater turned to social media to update their cyber community on what was going on. Never before have we seen such immediate, first hand accounts of something of this magnitude. The post were raw, detailed and kept coming as the night and day unfolded.

It poses the question: what did we do before social media? The ability to provide the news so quickly is almost mind boggling to me. Social media has become such a normal part of our lives that sometimes we forget just how powerful it can be.

The power of social media should not be taken lightly.

  • Make sure you have the facts straight before you turn to social media.
  • Pay attention to what others have posted – they may be two steps ahead you with information.
  • Make it worth reading – don’t post simply for the sake of posting.
  • Don’t sound stupid! Grammatical errors, uneducated statements, whatever it may be – don’t let it happen, folks!

As more information begins to surface, be mindful of social media and make sure you are reading the facts as well as giving the facts.

Click on the link here to assist the victims and their families. Making an impact is always worth it.

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