The Art of Connecting

By Posted in - Public Relations & Strategic Planning on July 13th, 2012 2 Comments

I recently read an article by brand strategist Jean Claude Saade, called  “The Seven Doors of Connections”. In the article Saade breaks down the seven ways in which a brand can connect on a deeper level with their consumers. According to Saade, the true value and vision of a brand is the foundation for connection and growth. This made me start to think about ways in which we could begin to look further into finding value and vision with our clients in order to keep our consumers connected.

Shared culture is crucial in keeping the consumer tapped in. For example, those in the fishing industry are drawn to companies that believe in making one’s fishing experience as productive and efficient as possible. When the client realizes there is common ground and that the products are trustworthy they become loyal and often life time consumers.

With shared culture comes passion. Success cannot happen without passion. Why should the consumer believe you if you are not connected with your product? As a PR firm it is often easy to go through the motions with clients by only learning the basic facts.  However, scraping the surface is not enough to keep consumers coming back for more. Consumers pick up on things quickly and can sense whether or not you are passionate about your brand.

The consumer ultimately controls whether or not they want to come back for more. Below are some more tips on keeping them connected.

  • Create a bonding experience that makes the consumer recall positive memories when they think about the brand.
  • Allow opportunities for the consumer to interact directly with the brand.
  • Give them a platform to make suggestions on brand improvement.
  • Stay on top of industry news – never be the brand that gets left behind.
Industries will always be striving to keep the consumer connected. I recommend taking a look at the Saade article because it goes past technical terms and really gets into human connections, something that is a vital part of the industry/consumer relationship.
 How does your firm strive to stay connected to the consumer? Leave me a comment with your tips and thoughts.



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