National media exposure: It started with a Tweet

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Full Disclosure: Loggerhead Apparel is a client of Full Circle Public Relations.

Media relations opportunities can happen through a conversation, an email or a coffee date. More often I’ve noticed that we’ve also been able to secure coverage for our clients through social media activities, including Facebook conversations and Twitter posts.

The Full Circle PR team recently enjoyed seeing our client, Loggerhead Apparel, featured on a national platform during an ABC World News segment.

Here’s how it started:

  • Thursday, July 12, ABC World News reported from their Twitter account that the Olympic Team USA uniforms were made in China.
  • Thursday, July 12, Loggerhead Apparel – a coastal-inspired, American-grown and American-made apparel company located in Greenville, S.C. – responded with the following Tweet and asked other people to help ReTweet.
This activity got the attention from a producer at ABC World news and, from there, they contacted Loggerhead Apparel Founders (and husband and wife duo), Zac and Sara Painter.  They asked the team to respond by video and Sara and Zac made it happen, resulting in national coverage for the brand.
A few takeaways:
  • People will actually share your message IF you ask them to.  Be sure to ask for others to ReTweet your message and you’ll be surprised by the response.
  • Use hashtags. According to a Mashable post, “Tweets with hashtags, get twice the engagement of those without.”
  • When you pitch an idea, be ready to respond.  After hearing from the producer, Zac and Sara had hours to respond via video.  Because they were ready, willing and able, they were able to meet the deadline and enjoy the exposure.


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