Media relations: Integrating a social approach

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In this increasingly digital age, traditional media relations is constantly being redefined to fit an online culture.

Last week, Carolyn discussed how social media should be an extension of our media relations activities Рand she makes a great point. As cheesy (or sweet) as it sounds, it should be a piece of the pitching pie.

As part of a multi-layered approach, social media should be used to enhance visibility to industry news publications.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Try, try, try again,” but if an email or phone pitch isn’t getting the job done, change up your strategy. Try tweeting or writing a Facebook post about your newsworthy story to spark interest.¬†Even use LinkedIn’s group chat forums to show industry expertise, so that editors will turn to your company for news and updates. In short, your media relations strategy should have many parts for maximum effectiveness.
As social media continues to evolve as part of our culture, public relations professionals should constantly be developing ways to integrate it into what we do best. How are you evolving your PR practices to fit today’s changing media landscape?
Stay tuned this week as we continue to discuss media relations in today’s world.
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