Keep your online consumers “Pinterested”

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With Pinterest growing at such a rapid rate, it’s no wonder that more and more brands are beginning to use and explore the wealth of features that the site offers to better engage online consumers. On the surface, the site merely looks like a way to share a variety of images in creative, categorical ways. But as the site grows in popularity, brands are beginning to uncover alternative uses. Sharing products, prices and new content is almost a natural give-in, but here are a few new ways to use this tool that your brand may have overlooked.

Niche Boards: Instead of creating a limited number of boards with a wealth of pins, divide your boards into targeted categories that relate to your brand. This will allow consumers to decide which area of your brand they are most interested in and follow that specific board.

Video: Pinterest allows you to pin YouTube-hosted videos in addition to images. Be a resource for your customers by pinning video tutorials and other useful video materials that relate to your brand.

Consistent Branding: The board covers on your Pinterest page help customize and create a consistent look and feel for your page. Choose a theme that is relevant to your brand’s key messages. ┬áConsider including a similar format for your board names as well. For example, one of our clients, Progress Lighting, ends each of the board names with “style”, like “Green/Style” and “Color/Style”, to unify and create a connected “board-family”.

Worthy Causes: Several brands are using Pinterest as an avenue for supporting causes. Use Pinterest to create campaigns that reflect positively on your brand such as donating $10 to a charity for every repin an image receives.

Contests: Running contests or competitions on Pinterest is an area that is rapidly growing. Asking users to create boards, repin images, like images or follow your brand are all features to include when developing a contest plan. Make sure the rules are straight-forward and simple, because the greater the entry barrier, the less response you will receive.

How has your brand used Pinterest to engage consumers? Have you discovered other ways to use this tool?


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