How to use strategic planning to improve group communication

By Posted in - Public Relations & Strategic Planning on July 17th, 2012 0 Comments

Team communication skills are absolutely necessary in the public relations industry. Not only are we in constant contact with client representatives and other marketing groups, but we often have several layers of support on our own teams.

We all have different ways of completing tasks, but when we must work with several other individuals on an account or project, organization is key. Here are four tips for strategic planning when working on a team:

  • Assign roles. Designate a leader (usually the person with the most history on the account/project or seniority) who is charged with planning an overall strategy for the task at hand. Other middle-level and entry-level team members should be responsible for day-to-day activities that support these larger goals.
  • Work on the same page (literally). Make sure everyone who has their hands in the project has access a common workflow document or timeline to stay on task. Keeping a collaborative document will help your group stay organized and plan ahead for upcoming projects.
  • Set deadlines. All assignments should have a set due date – or several if a large project needs multiple checkpoints. Assign a point person to be held accountable for the completion for each task.
  • Meet regularly. Everyone on your team communicate on a set basis to discuss updates and adjust plans as necessary. Determine whether you should gather monthly, weekly or daily depending on the needs of the project.
For those public relations professionals who work on client or project groups, what other suggestions would you add to this list? I would love to hear about your best practices for keeping team communication open and on track.


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