Finding social media clarity amongst the clutter

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There is a lot of hype about social media these days as social networking sites gradually begin to supplement and replace our general news cycles, our everyday conversations, our free-time, work-time, play-time. Social media is here to stay, so why not play? Right?

But if you are going to play, which I highly suggest you do, how do you choose which sites to join? As social media continues to infiltrate our everyday lives, the number of sites continue to compound as well (which, frankly, can be pretty overwhelming for a beginner ). There is a lot out there, but don’t panic. I promise there is a rhyme and a reason to the madness of the social media world.

Here are some things to consider before taking the plunge:

1. Determine your goals and objectives: What is your purpose for getting on social media? Is it to serve as resource, answer customer questions or share industry news? Determine who is going to own and run your social media because although it’s free, it takes well-thought-out time and energy to be a successful addition to your brand strategy.

2. Research, more research, did I mention research?: It is simply a waste of time to jump onto a site that doesn’t have your consumer market so research before you go in. Identify your target audience and do research to determine relevancy. Check to see if there is industry discussion or your competitors are on the site.

3. Create a network of contacts and content: Check out the industry conversations on the social media sites you settle on. Begin making connections by joining the conversation and following industry professionals. Take note of how people respond and how you can serve as a resource to potential customers. Post comments, answer questions, and begin developing relationships.

4. Measure results: Social media measurement goes beyond fans and followers. Comments, likes, and shares highlight consumer engagement more accurately, so track these metrics daily. To learn more on this topic, check out Caitlin’s post on social media measurement.

What social media sites have you found are more relevant for your industry? How did you determine a social media strategy?


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