FCPR announces community managers on staff

By Posted in - Social Media & word of mouth marketing on July 5th, 2012 0 Comments

I’m happy to report that Full Circle Public Relations now has three certified online community managers on staff!

Caitlin Greeley, Mollie Williams and I have just completed and passed (Word of Mouth Marketing Association) WOMMA’s Community Manager certification, a 4-week program that covered building online communities and implementing social media activities, including:

  • Contextual topics like market trends, strategy, and culture
  • Specific tactical responsibilities related to content development, moderation, enforcing policies, and measuring success

At FCPR we are big on education.  After all, knowledge is power.  And I’m really proud of each member of our staff who continue to find new ways to serve as a resource to our agency, discover innovative ideas to help clients achieve business goals and identify opportunities to improve our knowledge within the public relations and social media realms.

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