Bring new life to your traditional news release

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This week, Carolyn, Beverly and I had the chance to sit in on the PRSA webinar, . The host, Malayna Williams of PWR New Media, offered fabulous statistics and insight into how the standard news release can be optimized, supplemented and delivered to today”s online-focused media.

As Williams explained, news creation and consumption have largely (but not completely) moved online. While more outlets are now available for public relations professionals to share their stories, journalists now have less time to do more work.

In fact, 77 percent of journalists now have online responsibilities in addition to their traditional duties. So what”s the best way to get our news in front of them for consideration?

  • Send news releases via email – it”s the communication method 87 percent of journalists prefer
  • Make your verbiage easy for them to reuse across traditional and online media
  • Send all relevant backgrounders, bios and supporting information
  • Include high-res images – 79 percent of journalists say easy access to images increases pick-up
  • Share a supporting video if you have one (it doesn”t have to be great quality)
  • Never send an email with attachments! Include everything – the release, images, etc. – in the body of the email or as an embeddable link

As always, the relationship between PR professionals and how we work with members of the media should be focused on “give them what they want, how they want it.” It”s our responsibility to keep up with the trends and make their lives easier. How are you tailoring your traditional news release for today”s media?

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