5 easy ways to enhance your social media presence off-site

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As PR professionals, we are constantly looking for ways that we can “cross-pollinate” content and resources through multiple outlets to really drive home our clients’ key messages – and social media is no exception. Cross marketing is an essential component when developing a social media strategy.

While it is tempting to spend the majority of your time online to increase your social media presence, it is also important to build awareness offline.

Think about it. Who (and how) are you interacting with people on a daily basis? Is it on the phone, through face-to-face interaction, through email? Most likely, you reach people through a broader way than social media alone – so why not promote your social media presence through the channels you are already engaging everyday?

This is where your offsite social media campaign comes into play. And the best news? It’s really not that difficult.

1. Add some new flavor to your email signature – We know you send and receive hundreds of emails per day – so why not get a little more for your brand out of it? This is an easy addition that will allow individuals to connect with you online. Add a few icons that link to your social media sites on your automatic signature. Make sure to keep it simple. If you are on multiple sites, be careful not to overdue it, but choose the most relevant sites for people to engage your brand socially.

2. Beef up your business cards – Just like the email, business cards are another great resource for promoting your social media presence. But again, keep it simple by limiting the number of sites you include. Consider adding the social media outlets that you are most active on.

3. Don’t forget about your website – In an online age, your website is clearly a way that consumers regularly engage your brand. Encourage visitors to connect with you through social media, too. Many sites offer plug-ins that look like boxes with your logo, recent activity and a box for people to connect. With these features, people can engage with you socially without ever leaving your site. And it allows updates to appear automatically.

4. Enhance those events – When putting together an event, don’t forget to incorporate social media. From the print materials, to the advertising, to the contests you host at the actual event – social media promotion is a no-brainer.

5. Talk the talk – The people you interact with on a daily basis can be some of your greatest social media supporters. Remember to tell people about your online presence in your everyday conversations and encounters.

The main point here is this: if you are already interacting with people through email, events, business cards, conversations – whatever it is – social media can easily be incorporated. And if people don’t know your on social media, guess what? They aren’t going to look for you there. So go out and spread the word.

To find more ways to enhance your social media reach, check out PR Daily’s 10 off-site ways to promote your social media presence.

How else are you promoting your brand’s social media presence offline? 

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