Transform Your Brand From a Social Butterfly to a Social Business

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I recently came across a video (thanks Liza for sharing!) that discussed the increasingly important role of digital marketing in shaping how brands connect with consumers. One point that really resonated with me was this: It is no longer enough for your brand to simply dabble in the social market – brands and organizations must transform into social businesses to maximize customer engagement.

The digital marketing landscape has facilitated a natural coming to life of a community of interested and enthusiastic consumers that are ready to connect digitally. But it’s not just about technology here – it’s about how technology has become an enabler for the customer experience.

So what does this mean for your brand? Here are four steps to move your business from a social butterfly to a social business.

  1. Establish your voice – Determine who your customer is and speak their language. In other words, adjust what you say and how you say it. Whether you intend for your digital platform to provide a service, inspiration, answer questions, or entertain – understand why your client is on social media, what they want to do there, and adapt.
  2. Create a social company culture –The entire management team must be on board and excited about your social presence. Find a team that believes in your strategy and is dedicated to maximizing the customer experience. Then, establish an organized structure centered on your customers’ needs and expectations.
  3. Be proactive – While it is important to ensure your efforts offer a fun and seamless experience, stay current on the trends and always be a step ahead of your consumers.  It is imperative to be prepared as the digital platform changes and transforms at a blazing speed. Keep up on all the ways your consumer wants to interact and be there to meet their needs.
  4. Listen and respond – The instantaneous world of social media gives your clients the opportunity to provide real-time feedback. Engage your consumers on a regular basis, respond promptly to any complaints or questions, and take note of what is working and what’s not. Listen to what the consumer wants and adapt to their needs – don’t expect the consumer to adapt to you, because they won’t.

All in all, as Mollie so nicely put it, social media is here to stay, so why not play? As brands continue to evolve and find ways to better engage consumers, digital marketing is a no-brainer. Ultimately, it’s about connecting with your clients so they feel fulfilled, feel valued, and share that value with other people.

To get more information on this topic, check out this video on how Sephora is shaping digital experiences for its consumers.  Don’t forget to share your thoughts on how you think the digital landscape is affecting and enabling businesses to connect with consumers!



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