Media relations: Taking it local

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Many of the brands Full Circle PR represents are companies with a presence around the world. That said, we’re often forging relationships with industry publications with a national presence. We work to position our clients and their associates as reliable sources and industry experts.

While industry media relations will always play a role in our work, it’s important to keep in mind that our clients often have representatives working on the ground level across the country. And through media opportunities, we can help grow their business – and in turn support our client’s brand.

Here are a few best practices we keep in mind when strategizing local media opportunities:

  • Identify your target markets. Which regions of the country has your client identified as opportunities for growth? Pick the top five or so metropolitan areas and build a media list with outlets and contacts that serve these individual markets.
  • Put a local perspective on a national trend. What’s affecting your client’s industry right now? When pitching local media, find ways to make larger issues relevant to a regional audience.
  • Position your source as an expert. Offer a local representative of your brand as a subject matter expert and interview source for your proposed topic.

And as with all media relations activities, follow up with the editors you reach out to via phone and/or email after you’ve made your pitch.

On that note, what stories do you have from pitching and working with local media? How do your efforts differ between local and national media relationships?

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