How to reach the A&D industry through Twitter

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A recent Mashable article, highlights a variety of suggestions to improve a brand’s Twitter program – and, according to a study that was just published, many of us are doing it wrong, particularly when it comes to using hashtags, asking people to ReTweet their news and posting on the wrong days.

This information can be applied to the communities that you are trying to target.

If you are trying to reach, engage with and communicate with those in the architectural and design community online, you can tailor these recommendations to your own program.  Examples include:

  • Ask architects and designers that are following you to ReTweet news when you have something good to share.  (This has been proven to increase engagement rates.)
  • Tweet on the weekends – Engagement rates are 17% higher on Saturday and Sunday compared to weekday.
  • Tweet during normal office hours – Tweets between 8 a.m. and 7 p.m. in a recent study received 30% higher engagement rates,
  • Use industry-related hashtags – #architects, #design, #AIA and #sustainable can be used to search for industry topics or post about industry updates

Are you a newbie or a veteran to Twitter?  Either way, these tips can be immediately applied to your programs to improve engagement rates.

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