Grassroots marketing: Take it online

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Grassroots marketing is one of the purest forms of brand communication. Often unconventional, grassroots efforts are the antithesis of the traditional advertising campaign – they are targeted and often inexpensive. They reward a brand”s most influential customers.

But while grassroots efforts aren”t often monetarily expensive, the most successful campaigns require a significant investment of time, energy and imagination.

Grassroots marketing 2.0: Social media promotions

Social media can be an excellent tool in grassroots efforts because it offers the opportunity to connect brands with their most loyal brand advocates. And we”ve learned that fans stay interested online if they are rewarded with regular prizes and product giveaways.

Here are a few of our top tips for activating your brand”s influencers through online promotions:

  • Tap into their passion.В Do you have an audience of DIYers? Are they proud interior designers? Avid fisherman? Offer promotions that engage their interests – and offer a great prize centered around their passion.
  • Have a schedule.В Host a promotion at the same time each month or quarter so your online followers will know to visit your brand”s page regularly.
  • Set a barrier to entry.В Ask users to submit a photo, complete a quiz or write a short description to participate in the promotion. The entry process shouldn”t be difficult, but should require some effort to encourage only your most engaged fans to participate.

While offline, in-person grassroots efforts are an invaluable marketing tool, the evolving social media landscape allows brands to take these activities online. I”d love to hear about other PR professionals” experiences with grassroots marketing 2.0.

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