3 tips to connect with your consumers

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As a public relations firm it is our job to keep our client happy. However, it is important to remember that our client also has a client. We will fondly refer to them as  “consumers.”

The consumers drive our clients” business, which is turn drives our clients to towards us. It is a bit like a love triangle that must find a way to never fall out of love.

Getting the consumer”s attention is half of the battle. Here are three tips to making sure your consumer doesn”t look away.

  1. Be visible. Get journalist to write about your product. Bring reporters out to events where your client is available. Being newsworthy makes the task of maintaining media relations worthwhile.
  2. Be worthy of word of mouth. The oldest method in the book is also one of the most productive. Personal testimonies Du bestemmer selv hvordan du spiller, og slik sett er det faktisk du som lager dine egne roulette regler. from consumers whether it be to their neighbors or their 2,000 friends on Facebook is going to keep you in the spotlight.  However, your product must be word of mouth worthy and not only live up to, but exceed your consumers” expectations.
  3. Be human. If your consumer finds you approachable they will build up loyalty to your brand. Feeling overwhelmed does not encourage a consumer to come back for more. Feeling like there is an actual human touch in the brand will draw them in and invite them to stay.

As I continue my journey at Full Circle PR, I am diving into reading material, learning the culture of our clients and looking out for what our competition is doing to pull the consumer in. I have begun to think like a consumer as I write social media post and ask questions about improving our tactics. It is amazing how quickly you become more proactive in your thinking as you immerse yourself within your client. I encourage you to find one  article each week that your consumer base may read. This will put you on the track to understanding them even better.

How can you take that material and turn it into a connection between you and the consumer?

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