Optimizing teamwork to kick off a great week

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With another week started, the need for reaching deadlines, creative thinking and teamwork continues to be some of our top priorities at Full Circle PR.

With that on my to-do list, I started thinking how lucky I am to be able to do so in a collaborative environment. So, what can you do to optimize your collaborative skills to be a fantastic team player in the office?

Let’s look at some of the ways in which you can optimize your talent to better your performance at work.

  • Build a strong relationship of trust with your colleagues. The sooner they see how efficient and skilled you are, the more likely they will bring you on to new projects.
  • Listen more than you talk. There should always be a time during the day where you are soaking up others’ ideas, suggestions and opinions.
  • Share your ideas. Collaboration will lead to great things more often than not.
  • Ask questions – they are necessary. When working outside of your comfort zone don’t be afraid to approach a team member for help. This will show an admiration for their work, as well as build collaboration between the two of you.

By consistently having a positive attitude others in the office will take notice and hopefully catch on – attitudes can be contagious!

Blogger Ashley Zeckman makes an excellent point when she writes about having a positive attitude at work. She says, “Always have an attitude that says I’m lucky to be here versus the company is lucky to have me.” Having this perspective can tremendously impact your work.

Starting the week with more collaboration, trust building and an encouraging attitude will set you on the path to a great work week. How do you facilitate collaboration in your office? I would love to know.

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