Media lists – Making them count

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Working in the public relations industry, one of my responsibilities is to create media lists. As simple as that task may sound, there is more to it than meets the eye.

The media list is at the core of getting your clients’ messages into the right hands. Listed below are ways to enhance your media lists and make them one of the strongest aspects of your media relations services.

  1. Take time to perform preliminary research to find your target audience. Find out if you already have contacts on file that may be useful for the upcoming event.
  2. Online magazines and bloggers have become an excellent resource – use them! However, read some of their previous online articles and blog posts to ensure that your news is something they typically write about.
  3. Use programming, such as CisionPoint, as a starting point for your contacts. CisionPoint is a great way to search, organize and create contact list. It allows you to search by type of media and location with one of the largest databases around.  For more information, check out their website. 

It can be easy to just throw a list together based on previous lists and a quick Google search of journalists. Take the time to actually pick up the phone and call the newspapers, radio stations and television producers. I have found that human to human interaction can result in great new contacts, or a lead to someone who is an even better resource for your message.

A targeted media list will ensure that your pitch will be put in the right hands. Going through the list with a fine tooth comb is time consuming but worth all of the effort. Media coverage is so crucial to building up a brand. Being able to show your clients’ proof that their messages are being received will continually put you in front of your competitors.

Do you think your media lists create better results than others? If so, we’d love to know how you put them together.

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