Job seekers, employers should get creative to find each other

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I read this post by Samantha Murphy today on Mashable, “Can Call Me Maybe Work as Job Recruitment?” Litzky Public Relations in Hoboken, N.J. put this video together to attract new job candidates.


Full Circle PR’s recently hired three new superstars to our  team, so we’ve had our fair share of job postings, interviewing, resume reviews and more.  One of the challenges is always trying to communicate the awesomeness of your company’s culture in a formal interview situation. I love this video because it’s a great way to show a company’s culture in a fun way (as well as deliver it to the masses quickly. Plus, that song just really sticks in your head).

To flip this concept on its head a little, I’d actually like to see job candidates be even more creative when they apply for a job. Sure, the resume and references are point of entry. But the job candidates that always stand out to us are the ones who’ve done obvious research on our firm, and show us how they’ll be a part of our culture.

A video blog post, a well-written news release about why they should be part of our stellar team or even something creative involving one of our clients (which are clearly shown right on our home page) would really get our attention. At the very least, it would probably make us want to meet the job candidate in person.

Having the skill set to perform a job and perform it well are a given when we look for a new team member. But they also have to fit in our culture. We’re different from other firms and we look for people who are going to be part of our family and share our values and goals. Sharing our culture with new hires has always been something I’d like to improve, so I like this video for inspiring me with a little more creative “oomph.”

I wish the Litzky PR video showed a little more about what public relations practitioners actually “do,” (although don’t get me wrong, I’m totally digging the logo yoga mats for employees – -might have to think about borrowing that idea). But overall, kudos to this firm for thinking outside of the box and putting together a fun example to show off their personal side to potential employees.

What creative ways have you seen for companies to illustrate their culture to potential new hires? Or, if you’ve recently landed a new job yourself, what are some different ways you used to get in front of the hiring manager? I’d love to see more ideas like this.



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