Internal communications: Creating an inclusive newsletter

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Internal newsletters are a great way to communicate  new company initiatives, give updates and keep employees in the know.  However, crafting the ideal internal communications piece can be tricky if you don’t have a plan, especially in large corporations.

To keep employees happy and feeling like a valued part of the team, follow these simple tips.

  • Gauge employees for updates to share with the entire company.  If your company has multiple divisions, be sure to ask each division for recent news that they would like to share.  Nobody likes feeling left out – and it definitely won’t help foster a sense of employee community.
  • Distribute on a regular basis.  Whether it’s weekly or monthly, be sure that you are regularly updating your entire time with company news.  This will help your entire team feel more connected and in-tune with what is happening at work.
  • Ask for feedback.  Internal newsletters take time to create, so you need to know if what you are sending out to your employees is actually effective.  Ask for their feedback and ideas.  After all, it is for their benefit.

Internal communications done right will foster a sense of loyalty and community within your team.  It’s worth the time and effort – and your team moral will benefit from it.

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