Eye-tracking shows how people view your brand’s timeline

By Posted in - Social Media on May 2nd, 2012 0 Comments

Here’s an interesting article that publishes the findings of a recent eye-tracking study conducted for Mashable by EyeTrackShop. ¬†As you may know, Facebook radically changed the format for brand pages, which also seems to have shifted the way people view these particular pages.

(If you need a refresher on the changes Facebook made for brand timelines, check out Shelley’s post Facebook timeline: the visitor and admin experience.)

The most interesting finding to me from the eye-tracking study is that:

“Cover photos with faces attract the most attention.”

Seeing how viewers – on average – look at cover photos first (and for the longest), what does that mean to your brand’s pages? If you’re promoting a product or service, how can you incorporate faces into your cover photos?

  • Use images from employee events – team building exercises, customer visits, charitable activities, etc.
  • Feature pictures of your customers using your product or brand
  • Share pictures of people in your unique community or culture

People love to see pictures of other people – so think about ways this can fit in your social media efforts and let us know the results.

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