Defining a culture through strategic planning

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Picture from a recent team building day at FCPR - salsa dance lessons!

Liza and I are always asking: How can we communicate our culture to our team?

So when I read the article When Choosing a Job, Culture Matters, I immediately thought of our growing agency and how Full Circle PR stacks up.

The article encourages candidates to understand the organization’s purpose and learn everything they can about the company – to make an informed decision on whether or not their goals and values fit within a company’s culture.  This, ultimately, can set both the employer and employee up for success.

As employers, we communicate our culture in job interviews, team status meetings and company outings, while supporting the message through materials like our internal handbook and external blog.  I feel confident that a candidate trying to learn more about our culture could – just by doing a little research.

I’m proud of our agency’s culture, how we work together and the high expectations we have of everyone (including Liza and me) to product quality work for our clients.  But this isn’t just by accident.  Liza and I include communicating culture in our strategic planning sessions – and out of these, come ideas that we then implement throughout the year.

In our planning sessions, we ask:

  • What is our overall goal for the agency?  Are we on track and doing the things we need to meet our goals?
  • How do our employees fit into this goal?  Are they on board?  Do they fully understand the goals of our agency?
  • What can we do to support our company culture, enhance it and make our employees feel part of the journey?
  • Are all team members on board with our goals?
  • What activities can we take part in that allows us to not only communicate our culture, but get to know one another better?

Liza and I always encourage new candidates to talk with other members of our team – to learn about company culture from their perspectives.  It’s our hope that the team members we have on board are here at Full Circle PR to stay.  By offering a unique and supportive (yet challenging) environment, we know we can offer a fulfilling and motivating career to all team members, which ultimately allows us to provide the best service to our clients.

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