Continuing the momentum post-special event

By Posted in - Public Relations & Special Events on May 18th, 2012 0 Comments

When special events are finished, all does not  – and should not – have to come to an end.  You put so much time preparing the event with news releases, award entries, social media teasers and connecting with editors that instead of moving on, the conversation should continue on.

Below are some great tips on continuing the momentum and conversation post-special event.

  • Continue to upload pictures from the event even after it has occurred.  This will spur conversations about memories and highlights from the event  – and most importantly, conversations about your brand.
  • Spread out the distribution of post-event follow-ups throughout multiple forms of social media.  This will not only spread the reach of your conversation, but it will provide for easy-to-create content.
  • Take your time.  Instead of pushing all of your event re-cap photos and conversations out immediately, spread it out over the course of a week so that you can continue the conversation about your brand over an extended period of time.  One week is also the perfect amount of time to begin to move on to the next great conversation topic.

What are your strategies for post-event conversations online?   We would love to hear them.  Until then, cheers – and have a great weekend.

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