Choose the right leader for your Grassroots Marketing efforts

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Grassroots Marketing certainly has changed over the years.  Low-cost, unconventional means that are used to promote a product or service have evolved from graffiti to sticker bombings to flash mobs.

I recently read that there are three “F’s” in Grassroots Marketing:

  • Frequent
  • Free
  • Feel-Good

But I would venture to guess that leadership is more important than any of the “F’s” listed above. Why?

With a good leader, they enable a team to:

  • Be inspired
  • Develop good will
  • Implement change
And isn’t that what Grassroots Marketing efforts try to achieve?

Liza and I have had a lot of conversations over the past few weeks about “management style” – and today, our business coach (Jim Laseter of Laseter Business Coaching) asked us to eliminate the term “manager” and use the term “leader” or “coach.”

There are all sorts of leadership styles, but I liked the definition of “the coaching leader” from a Fast Company article.

“The coaching leader develops people for the future. If this style were summed up in one phrase, it would be ‘Try this.’ The coaching style works best when the leader wants to help teammates build lasting personal strengths that make them more successful overall.”

So if you’re trying to implement grassroots marketing campaigns to reach out to and inspire loyal brand ambassadors, I’d suggest you start with a good leader.  A good leader will set the pace and lead a team to do some great things.  I’ve even seen that firsthand.

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