Building a social media strategy

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The concept of a “social media strategy” is a bit conflicting. How can social media – which is built on the idea of real-time interaction and conversations – be planned?

From a brand perspective, social media engagement can (and should) be structured around your key messages – but with ┬áplenty of room for spontaneity and unexpected events.

Here are the steps we follow when planning a brand’s social media strategy:

  • Define key messages. Who is your audience? What are your areas of expertise? The answers to these questions can help your brand find its voice and narrow the types of content you will provide.
  • Identify upcoming events. What industry trade shows will your brand be attending this year? Are there any new products that will be introduced? Contribute to your industry by sharing your point of view from events, and plan ahead to introduce new products to your social media audience. (Hint: these are great opportunities to use photos as content.)
  • Tap into industry trends. Find out what’s hot right now. Plan to share your brand’s perspective and how different trends are shaping your product and research initiatives.
  • Outline your plan. Take all of this insight and plan your social media engagement over time. What will be your overall content themes each week, month, quarter, etc.? Share this strategy with each member of your social media team.
  • Measure and repeat. Make note of popular and unpopular content, and adapt your plan to what your fans and followers react to.

Keeping a strategy on track can help you define, measure and justify your social media engagement. It’s also a helpful tool when new members join your team, and to make sure everyone who posts for your brand shares the same voice.

Social media strategy is a huge topic – and I’d love to hear about your experiences with planning online engagement.

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