What do others hear when you speak?

By Posted in - Public Relations on April 30th, 2012 0 Comments

Recently, Dave Fleet made a great point:

“Communication is about what they hear, not what you say.”

Arguing that, as communicators, we have a responsibility to take into account how people will interpret our message, Dave suggests that we must always consider how a person’s existing perception should affect our approach and will affect the outcome of a conversation.

Especially in the Technology Age.

With email – and even text messaging – often being the preferred method of conversation between professionals, a lot can be left up to interpretation. BUT if you take into account where your client, colleague, editor or journalist is coming from, you can build better relationships and solidify your position as a resource.

“Good communicators take the time to understand their audience and the key stakeholders in a situation, what they want and how to satisfy their needs.”

In order to be the best communicators – and most effective PR practitioners – we must always try to anticipate what others will hear when we speak. Will our point be lost in translation? Can our audience relate?

As a professional, do you consider what others will hear before speaking or typing? And do you agree that it’s an important part of communication?



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