Ways to add your brand’s content to Pinterest

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Pinterest is taking the social media world by storm.  Users are sharing pins and connecting with people  globally through the things that they enjoy and find interesting – like your brand.

However, did you know that Pinterest isn’t confined to what is already on the site?  Check out these ways below to add to your brand’s content to Pinterest, instead of just liking others.  Let them like and re-pin your posts. Contribute to the cause – especially if you are a brand.

Pin new content

Install the “Pin-it” button on your Internet browser to pin items from any site – even from pictures on your computer.  For brands, this makes it quick and easy to pin products and build your presence.

Add a price tag

For brands on Pinterest, include a price tag with a link back to your website for viewers to purchase your product.  Speed up the process to take them directly to and through the check-out process. Simply add a $ and the price, and a tag will appear across the pin when published.

Include the “Pin-it” button on your brand’s website

Allow customers to pin your products directly from your website to their Pinterest boards.  This is invaluable virtual word-of-mouth marketing – and nothing is better than that.

Remember to supplement your product pins wisely, and within a mix of other inspiring content relevant to your industry. Still looking for ways to best take advantage of Pinterest for your brand?  Take a look at Pinterest’s Best Practices for Brands. Happy Pinning!

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