Tuning in and turning it on in the PR world

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I recently noticed that Twitter’s internal company guidelines include a section simply titled: “Pay Attention.”  Co-founder Evan Williams explained that this section covered why “doing really well requires paying attention to what you are doing.”

Am I actually focusing on the tasks at hand in a manner that makes not only a productive worker, but also an indispensable employee?

Just in the few minutes that I have begun to write, I have already paused to check my email, twitter, and Facebook.  There are Excel documents open, articles I have bookmarked and noise rumbling on around me.

As a new member of the public relations world I have quickly learned through trial, and my share of errors, that tuning in without turning on will result in work that falls short of what is required of you.

In a world full of click here, follow this, and link up with that, it is easy to dump it all into one place and consider it a completed project.  However, that move leads to complacency and a disregard for what is truly at the core of your work.

Harness your intelligence in such a way that you take every goal one step further than someone else might.  The basic information is important but so is your gut feeling on what else can be discovered.

Multitasking, though a superb talent to have, can also be a double edge sword.  We often miss things because we are doing too many things at once. The study below supports my double edge sword theory.

A study at Stanford basically tested this theory when they looked at 100 students who multitask. What they found was that the more people multitasked, the worse they perform.

How can we stay focused without falling behind?

  • Prioritize project – let your team know where their needs fall on the list.
  • Close out a browser or two to stop the temptation to click on your favorite link.
  • Take deep breaths and clear your mind-this will help draw you back in.
  • Be mindful of what is required of you, and place emphasis on reaching that goal.


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