Planning a unified social media presence

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With all of the many social media channels available, it can become quite overwhelming to manage your brand’s online presence.  That is, if you don’t have a strategy.

Create a unified social media presence that integrates all of your online platforms to have one voice.  Do this by cross-posting content using the tips below.

  • Link your Facebook and Twitter.  Make the most of your Facebook posts and have them also appear on Twitter.  As you know, the more often you post on Twitter the more visible you are, but still make sure that your content is relevant and meaningful.
  • Link your Twitter and Pinterest.  If your brand is on Pinterest, help increase your presence by tweeting what you pin.  This will help spread the word about your brand’s Pinterest page and hopefully boost engagement on both platforms.
  • Carry over pins to your blog posts.  Consider doing a weekly or monthly blog post that captures your favorite moments on Pinterest.  Not only will this give you definite social media content, but it allows viewers to see your brand’s picks in long-form, along with a fun commentary.
  • Carry over Facebook posts to blog posts.  Elaborate on your Facebook posts and share more of your thoughts through a long-form blog post.  Or, use your blog as a post on Facebook to drive more traffic to your blog.  Expanding on a topic that might have been posted a few days ago will freshen up the content.

Create a calendar that identifies when you will bring content over from other platforms, that way content is always fresh and relevant – especially if you have elaborated on a subject.

Do know that these tips are NOT to redundantly push meaningless content to your online community.  They are to help you cross-promote your multiple social media channels, and to unify the content you put online.  Also, it helps you give relevant content across multiple mediums in a time-saving manner.

How do you build a unified social media presence for your brands?

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