Pinterest in real time: Live-pinning

By Posted in - Social Media on April 16th, 2012 1 Comments

Last week, I mentioned three ways to make events more sharable via social media – photobooths, social scavenger hunts and live-streams. Then I asked, “Are there any other unique tactics you’ve used to connect an event’s attendees with the online world?”

And Oscar de la Renta answered. (…kind of.)

Starting last night – and continuing through today’s bridal show – Oscar de la Renta’s team has been “live-pinning” photos directly from the show to the fashion icon’s bridal board on Pinterest. And as photo ops became more interesting, the rate of pinning became more frequent.

In a statement to Mashable on why they chose to experiment with the site in this unique way, Oscar de la Renta’s CEO, Alex Bolen, said, “Pinterest has got a lot of momentum right now, and we want to be involved with people [and platforms] who have momentum.”

With Pinterest itself being so new to brands’ social worlds, it’s hard to tell whether or not live-pinning will be as effective as live-tweeting or posting updates to Facebook. What are your thoughts? Do you think people will follow a brand’s pins as closely as their tweets and/or Facebook posts?


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